If you need people for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a peak in your workflow, you need to talk to our Contracting Team.

Our HSEQR Contracting Division can support you in recruiting contractors to benefit your business by providing:

  • Flexible and specialist capabilities at critical times, enabling a high level of market responsiveness
  • Productivity from day one – prequalified competent practitioners
  • High quality transferable skills; contractors bring an entrepreneurial mind set and wide-breadth of experience
  • Budget certainty – you know the costs and time frame from the outset

Our Contractors are chosen for:

  • Business as usual back-fill whilst a recruitment exercise is underway for your permanent resource
  • Specific projects, realignment of systems, gap analysis, strategic reviews
  • Peaks in workflows – shutdowns, seasonal trends, projects
  • Supporting new HSEQ hires into their roles – mentoring for success

As a Client, what is the minimum standard you can expect?

  • Pre-qualified competent contractors
  • Fully reference checked Tertiary qualified
  • 3+ years’ experience, 5+ for managers
  • Market rates – not over inflated costs
  • Genuine relationship management with the edenfx Contracting Team
  • No compromise on quality
  • Responsiveness to your needs

Please note, we do not do temp hire, all our contractors are specialist HSEQR practitioners and independent contractors.  Your relationship is with us and we have a contractual relationship with the resource.

Want to talk about hiring contractors?

Please contact the Contracting Team on 09 424 8367 or email contractors@edenfx.co.nz


Our clients have exacting needs and so everything we do is shaped by a set of working principles designed to generate and sustain an honest, open and genuine 3-way partnership. The contracting option needs to be comfortable, convenient and effective for all parties.

As a contractor, you are seen as an extension to the organisations workforce and when you join the edenfx Contracting Team we will act as your agent to ensure the entire experience runs as smoothly as possible. We will guide you through all of the paperwork aspects, engage with the end client on your behalf, and provide  you with a clear point of contact for any queries.

How do I qualify?

  • 3 + years’ experience as a Coordinator / Advisor
  • 5 + years’ experience as a Manager
  • Qualifications
  • Strong communications both oral and written
  • Agile and adaptable to fit in with different environments and cultures – no two jobs are the same
  • Successfully complete the edenfx pre-qualification assessment

How often can I expect to be in work?

This is a question often asked and whilst we cannot guarantee you will be full time employed as an edenfx contracted resource, we do work with our clients to use tailored resources to meet their risk management needs. We are proactive in our sourcing for contract work however there will be down time. Contracting is not for everyone and if you require certainty in employment, then permanent employment maybe the best choice for you.

Who do I contact?

Call the Contracting Team on 09 424 8367 or email contractors@edenfx.co.nz and the team will get the ball rolling with your registration and validation.


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