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Overseas candidates – A reality check

Welcome to our pages – migrating to New Zealand is something that many people aspire to and only some will actually achieve. It is not an easy process – please read on.

We are more likely to be able to assist those with exceptional/highly sought after skillset and those with degree level qualifications relevant to Occupational Health and Safety.

It’s great that you have found us, however we receive literally hundreds of enquiries and mails each week asking for assistance on migrating to New Zealand.

We are a recruitment company not a relocation specialist or immigration agent and as such we do not have the resources to deal with each query on a personal basis. The information below has been created to support your next step.

We ask that you review the information below before making contact with a Recruitment Consultant.


With the introduction of the European Union Directive on privacy and data (GDPR) and as some of our subscribers live in the EU we must disclose what we know about you and what we do with your data.

Policy Statement

The information we hold about you has been provided by you to support recruitment for existing vacancies or for potential future vacancies. This information is used to present to our clients only when you have given us permission to do so.

Please be advised, we work strictly within the Privacy Act and we will not pass your email address or personal information to anyone else without your permission.

We receive queries such as:

“I would like to relocate my family to New Zealand, can you help me get a job”
“I’m thinking about moving into the industry, how easy is it for me to find a job in NZ”
“What skills and qualifications do I need to move to NZ”
“I have points, I just need a job offer”

So, as much as we would love to spend time with each and every person facilitating that dream move and job, we can’t.

You should undertake your own research in relation to moving to NZ. NZ Immigration website, Migration Agencies and Google are the best places for you to start your research.

In particular, the Immigration website is filled with superb information and you will need to enter your specific details to see if you meet the criteria. If you cannot make the grade, I am sorry, but we cannot help you.

Please be aware that employers in NZ, more often than not, require the person to actually have a work visa already in place. We receive many applications with accompanying letters stating:

“I just need the job offer to get my visa”

Please note – in most cases the employer requires YOU to have this in place prior to your application. Again, we are really sorry but your application without a visa will just be declined and you will receive a standard e mail. Where the advertisement states we welcome applications from overseas, please apply then.

NZ is a beautiful place to live and work and we encourage others to explore making the move to NZ; we have several migrants in our own team and encourage diversity, however our clients set the requirements and so please do not be offended if we decline you.

Consult the experts who can facilitate the visa and we will then look forward to working with you.