edenfx HSE/Hard Hat Recruits/Northpower 2018 Wellness Event
Taupo – Ultra Marathon 13th October 2018

Embracing Wellbeing in the Workplace

edenfx HSE/Hard Hat Recruits/Northpower have partnered to do something that will push our wellness boundaries as a team. As one team, we are proud to announce our participation in the Great Taupo Run; this is our chosen wellbeing venture for 2018 with three approved charitable organisations as beneficiaries.

The aim is to raise money for well deserving charities while getting fit and having fun.

To demonstrate leadership commitment, Alison Gill, Director at edenfx/HH and Andrea O’Brien, GM People & Capability at Northpower will run, slowly but surely, a 100km relay together.

The edenfx/HH team consists of:

  • Avinash Singh 1st leg – 33kms
  • Duncan Cooke 2nd leg – 17kms
  • Amber Roche 3rd leg – 26kms
  • Ana Blackbourn 4th leg – 24kms
  • Alison Gill – 50kms

The Northpower team is currently standing at 80 registrations and rising. We aim to have 100 plus registrations supporting this event.


We will have a Give a Little page set up for supporters. 


The approved charitable organisations are:

Fred Hollow Trust – www.hollows.org.nz

Cancer Society – www.cancernz.org.nz

NZ Centre for Gifted Education – www.nzcge.co.nz

To find out more about the event you can visit www.taupoultra.co.nz