Alison’s Running Journey to 42km….

So knocking on 50’s door this year and always one for a challenge.

I remember running the 400 metres as a kid and kicking my bum with my feet as running so fast! Then I remember running cross country at 14 and preferring to have a fag while the others doubled back and I followed them in reeking of smoke I am sure.

Luckily I grew out of smoking – it didn’t suit me however I also grew out of running.

Now running is a free sport, you can do it whenever in the dark so no one can see you huffing and puffing and being red as a tomato (me) or you can put on your running posh clothes and run in the day with coiffured hair (not me).

For me 2015 is a year of discovery and I am running for breast cancer all year – I have this wonderful little trainer all 4ft 10 of her (although she thinks she is 6ft) who makes me achieve the impossible. I think I can’t breathe after 1000 metres but she makes me go to the next lamppost and we giggle afterwards and high five.

My first mini-mission is the ‘Round-the-bays’ this weekend, followed by the Orewa half marathon in April, the Paihia half marathon (May) and aiming for the biggie 42km Auckland marathon in November.

I saw my physio yesterday and turns out I have a grade 1 Hammy injury – so my 6.30am gym session today was about core strength – my pocket rocket trainer has designed a programme for this week so I can increase hammy strength and still run on Sunday 🙂 It’s exciting now as D day minus 3.

My blog this year is not ALL about health and safety but will be mixed up with snippets about my fabulous team and their achievements and my quest to be a pretend runner.

Happy days!