Health and Safety Insights October 19

The trends in the Australian HSE employment market are significantly influencing employment behaviour, rather than employment behaviour influencing trends as it has done for a number of years. Some of the latest national trends include:

• Overall job growth — slowly but surely.
• Increase of between 1.3% and 3.8% salary growth across Australia (sector and location dependent).
• Supply and demand — severe shortage of talent based in Vic, NSW and Qld.
• Mining Resources and Energy sector is again on the up — 17.1% job advert growth compared with 2018; however, low candidate availability remains an issue.
• Hiring managers require certainty in an uncertain market.

Alison Gill suggests it is a responsibility of us all to positively raise the profile of our HSE profession and the value and worth that it brings to all levels in a business. Understanding your level of practice through self-assessment is critical and she personally and professionally recommends getting onboard with a continual professional development (CPD) programme irrespective of your industry. This provides you with credibility and a peer network that proves invaluable.

The edenfx team are a friendly group of HSE professionals dedicated to providing top-of-class service. With strong commitment to developing sustainable relationships, they place exceptional focus on personalised service and a genuine interest in future generations. Through their tailored services, edenfx have been able to, and will continue to, offer a comprehensive range of professional recruitment solutions that are cost-effective for employers across Australasia.