Health and Safety Reform Bill update – 28/10/14

Latest update 28th October 2014.

The following information is a regular overview update of the key parts of the Bill as introduced to Parliament, to help you understand some of its key concepts. This will help ensure you’re prepared for when the law comes into effect in 2015. That won’t be before April next year and we’ll inform you when the date is finalised.

The Bill is part of the Working Safer reform package announced by the Government in 2013.

What is the timing for the Reform Bill and Health and Safety at Work Act?

The Bill was introduced into Parliament in March 2014. It is currently before Parliament’s Transport and Industrial Relations Committee, which is considering public submissions on the Bill.

Once the Bill is passed, it will be several months before the new Health and Safety at Work Act comes fully into force in 2015. This will enable the supporting regulations to be made, and WorkSafe to finalise the supporting guidance and approved codes of practice. We’ll keep you informed on when the legislation will come into force in 2015.

The new law will be supported by education and information. WorkSafe is developing a range of guidance material that will be in place in plenty of time to help you through the transition.

In the meantime, you can use these updates to help you start thinking ahead about what you might need to do differently to meet your duties under the new law.

What the Bill proposes

safety-reform-imagemap Sep 14

The latest update focuses on Points 1 to 8 above. Future updates will explain the framework of supporting regulations and guidance. Future updates will also include additional issues identified as being of particular interest to stakeholders.

Disclaimer: This document does not constitute formal guidance on the application of the Health and Safety at Work Bill. The Bill is still subject to the legislative process and accordingly may differ in content between now and its passage into law. This document is intended to be used for information purposes only, to enable readers to understand key concepts and provisions in the Bill, in its current form.

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